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2024 Meridian Sun Officers

Back Row: John Evans, Jr., PM; James Turk; Dan Marshall, PM; Tim Bonar
Center Row: Richard “Duke” Jankura, PM; Mike Zabor, PDDGM; Andrew Brooks; Larry Wilson, PDDGM
Front Row: Cliff Askey, PM; Ezhen Lehetsky; Dave Ferris, PM; Chris Titus; James Likley, PM

Introducing our esteemed leadership team at Meridian Sun Lodge #69, where dedication, vision, and service are the guiding principles of our fraternity.

Leading the charge is our Worshipful Master, Chris Titus, a respected and experienced Mason who embodies the values of Freemasonry in every aspect of his life. With wisdom garnered through years of dedication to our craft, he oversees our lodge with integrity, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to the principles that unite us.

Assisting our Worshipful Master is our Senior Warden, James Likley, PM, and our Junior Warden, Dave Ferris, PM, both esteemed brothers who bring their unique perspectives and talents to their roles. Together, they work in harmony to ensure the smooth operation of our lodge and to provide guidance and support to our members.

Behind the scenes, our Secretary, John Evans, Jr., meticulously manages the administrative duties of our lodge, keeping our records in order and ensuring that our communications are clear and concise. His dedication and attention to detail are invaluable assets to our organization.

And let's not forget our dedicated team of officers, each of whom plays a vital role in the success of our lodge. From Duke Jankura, PM, our Treasurer to Jim Turk, our Chaplain, from our Deacons to our Stewards, each officer brings their own skills and expertise to the table, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our brotherhood.

Together, under the guidance of our leadership team, Meridian Sun Lodge #69 continues to uphold the timeless traditions of Freemasonry and make a positive impact in our community. With their leadership and our collective dedication to the principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth, we look forward to a bright future filled with growth, enlightenment, and service.

  • Worshipful Master: Chris Titus
  • Senior Warden: James Likley, PM
  • Junior Warden: Dave Ferris, PM
  • Treasurer: Richard “Duke” Jankura, PM
  • Secretary: John Evans, Jr., PM
  • Lodge Education Officer: Larry Wilson, PDDGM               
  • Senior Deacon: Cliff Askey, PM
  • Junior Deacon: Andrew Brooks
  • Chaplain Emeritus: Jim Turk
  • Senior Steward: Ezhen Lehetsky
  • Junior Steward: Tim Bonar
  • Tyler: Dan Marshall, PM
  • Trustee: Mike Zabor, PDDGM