November 2010: The Grand Lodge requested that each Lodge make an electronic copy of their Charter. A copy of Wayfarers Charter was made available for use as an example and I, using their format inserted the changes that are in our charter from 1823 that isn’t in theirs. They received their charter at a much later date and in addition to the names, dates and Brothers petitioning the Grand Lodge for Meridian Sun’s charter a lot of the wording was also different but by using their format it made my job a lot easier. 



WE, the GRAND LODGE of the Most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and accepted Masons, of the State of Ohio, convened and assembled in the borough of Columbus,

Send Greeting.

WHEREAS, a petition has been presented to us, from Issac Welton, Isaac M. Morgan, Abraham Freese, John Smith, Adonoram Swift, Jonathan Shelton,  Salmon Oviatt, David Green, David Long
all free and accepted Master Masons, stating that they have heretofore assembled together under a Warrant of Dispensation, from the Most Worshipful Deputy Grand Master they therefore, pray for a Charter, extending and confirming unto them, the rights and privileges of a regularly constituted Lodge of Master Masons.  And, whereas, the aforesaid petitioners having passed a proper term of probation, and exhibited to this GRAND LODGE satisfactory evidence that they have conducted the business of Masonry agreeable to the original design.
Now, Therefore, be it known, that we, the GRAND LODGE, aforesaid, reposing special trust and confidence in the integrity, and well known attachment of the aforesaid petitioners to the sublime principles of Masonry as originally taught, and earnestly believing that the true interests of the Institution will be promoted by granting the prayer of said petitioners, have constituted and appointed, and do, by these presents, constitute and appoint them, the said Isaac Welton Isaac M. Morgan, Abraham Freese  and their associates, a regular and constitutional Lodge of Master Masons, by the name, style, or title of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 69  And we do hereby appoint Br. Isaac Welton 1st Master, Br. Isaac M. Morgan 1st  Senior Warden, and Br. Abraham Freese 1st  Junior Warden, hereby giving and granting unto them, and their successors, full power and authority to assemble together on all proper and lawful occasions, as a Legal Lodge, within the Township of  Richfield, and State aforesaid, to initiate good men and true, who may apply to be made acquainted with the sublime principles of the several degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow-craft, and Master Mason. Also, to make choice annually, of a Master, Wardens, and such other officers as are necessary for the due organization of a regular Lodge, agreeable to ancient usage; to admit members, to collect funds for the relief of poor and distressed brethren, their widows and orphans; to make by-laws and ordinances for their own government, and to do, and transact all, and singular such matters and things as are proper and lawful to be done in such an assembly.
And, Furthermore, we do herby declare the rank and precedence of the said MERIDIAN SUN Lodge, in the GRAND LODGE, and elsewhere, to be from the fifth day of September AD 1823  And, we do hereby require the aforesaid constituted brethren to attend the Grand Lodge, at their annual communications  by their Master and Wardens, or by their proxies, duly appointed; also to keep a fair and regular record, of all their proceedings, and to lay them before the Grand Lodge, when required; to be punctual in their annual returns, and in the payment of such sums as may be accessed for the support of the Grand Lodge. And furthermore, we do herby enjoin it upon the said MERIDIAN SUN Lodge, to conform in all their doings to the Constitution, Laws, and Edicts of the Grand Lodge; and in failure thereof, this  Charter, and the powers herein granted, as to cease, and be of ‘no’ further validity.
In testimony whereof, We, the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Grand Wardens, by the virtue of the high power and authority in us vested, have hereunto set our hands, and caused the seal of the Grand Lodge, to be affixed, at Columbus, this fourteenth day of January A.D. 1824                                               Era of Masonry, 5824
                                                                                                                   Grand Master                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                                                                              Henry Bacon               Deputy Grand Master                                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                              Samuel R. Miller           Senior Grand Warden
A.                                                                          A.I. Mc Dowell             Grand Secretary                                                 
                                                                             Samuel Wheeler          Junior Grand Warden