This history compilation is dedicated to all of the Brethren of Meridian Sun, both past & present and especially WB Melvin Rand and WB Donald P. Marshall

WB Rand compiled a booklet called the “Sesquicentennial History, 1824-1974” and published it on June 8, 1974. WB. Rand was Master of Meridian Sun Lodge in 1948.

WB Marshall compiled a manuscript called the “175 years of Freemasonry 1823-1998” and published it on March 26, 1998. WB. Marshall was Master of Meridian Sun Lodge in 1990.  WB Donald P. Marshall passed to the Celestial Lodge above on September 16, 2007. WB Don had many irons in the fire, he along with his wife Helen were the center of almost all of our fund raising dinners. He was always willing to help in any project or repair necessary in keeping the Temple or Lodge up and running. His advice was always sought after and freely given. “He will be missed”. WB Ken Ertel asked the Lodge to name the Lodge meeting room after WB Don & the lodge voted it’s approval. A Plaque was purchased by WB Ertel stating that the Lodge was named after WB Don.

Both Worshipful Brothers pored for many hours over the old Lodge Minutes, and while it is interesting reading about the happenings of the older Lodge era, it was also difficult because of the style of writing back in our early days. I was having a very difficult time making out what the first By Laws of Meridian Sun were and solicited the help of three of the members of the Richfield Historical Society, Linda Fleming, Mike Mitchell and Myrtle Haslem. It was with their help that we were able to come close in our interpretation of the original By Laws.

I am not a Past Master of Meridian Sun Lodge No.69 but a Past Master of Roosevelt Lodge No.650 in Cleveland, Ohio. I demitted to Meridian Sun in 1987 and am currently serving the Lodge as Secretary. So I am a late comer to the history of the Lodge. WB’s Mel & Don made my job easier because I could go back on their writings and compare it with the way the records were written and thereby get a better understanding of their wording.  As I read the thousands of pages of the minutes, I have been impressed by the brethren of this Lodge; they have supported hundreds of charities, brethren in destitute circumstances and good projects throughout the years of Meridian Sun’s history. They have enjoyed many good times and a few bad ones. But whatever the situation they have handled it with dignity, inherent to Masonry.

John E. Evans, Sr.   2015
Most of the information has been typed exactly as it was written in the minutes and is their terminology.