Just as the individual is the foundation of our Society of Friends and Brothers, so is the Masonic Lodge the fundamental organization of it. This basic unit of the organization is called the "Blue Lodge”, it always operates under the code prescribed by a Grand Lodge. There is no higher Masonic authority than a Grand Lodge, and each Grand Lodge is the sovereign authority within the State or Country over which it claims jurisdiction.

The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio, is the supreme governing authority over every Lodge in Ohio. Its chief officer has the title Grand Master, and he is known as the Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, signifying his election by the Masons of Ohio, whose votes are cast by their duly elected representatives. The representative’s of each Lodge is the Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Warden, if any cannot attend the annual communication they may grant a member of the Lodge to vote in their stead. The Grand Master acts for all of the Masons collectively who live within the State.

The Officers of the individual Lodge are the Worshipful Master, (the term worshipful being used after the old English manner, meaning worthy of respect) who governs the Lodge, and the Senior Warden is the second in command and governs the Lodge in the absence of the WM and the Junior Warden is the third in command and assists the WM in opening & closing the Lodge. The term Warden means "watcher" or supervisor, taken from the old English term as used by the stonemasons of the eighteenth century. In addition, the Lodge has a Treasurer, who is responsible for the finances of the Lodge and the Secretary, who receives the money paid to the Lodge and pays them out to the Treasurer, records the minutes and handles other communications. Two Deacons. Both of the latter are messengers who carry messages or orders at the direction of the Master or the Senior Warden to others about the Lodge, as the occasion may require. These two brethren also see to the accommodation of visitors when the Lodge is assembled. There are also two Stewards, who see to the preparation of food and its service, and perform other duties. There is a Chaplain, charged with offering prayers and reading the Bible at certain times. The Lodge Educational Officer is in charge of the Education of the Lodge and presents programs to that effect. The officer outside the door is the Tyler, who guards the Lodge from Cowan’s and Eavesdroppers.