Can't get enough of Meridian Sun's Website?  Finger's getting tired of constantly hitting the refresh button waiting for new content?  Have a Mac? Now you too can have the best of Meridian Sun's website as your automatically updated as a screen saver for the ultra low price of free (Windows directions to come soon). Requirements - Macintosh running Mac OS 10.4 or later and an active internet connection Directions: - Launch Safari, go to and click on the RSS link in the lower right - Go to "Add Bookmark" from the "Bookmarks" pull down menu - Close Safari and open "System Preferences" and go to "Desktop and Screen Saver" -  Select "RSS Visualizer" and select "Options", scroll down until you see "Meridian Sun Lodge #69...", select it and click "Done".  Then, close out "System Preferences" That's it.  Now the articles at will be your screen saver.  Enjoy!