Meridian Sun Lodge #69 F&AM

Chartered January 14, 1824

Is it your desire to join the ranks of men, both great and small, who are proud to share in the Masonic tradition of service and excellence?

Freemasons come from all walks of life, each serving his community in his own way.  Members of the uniformed services, like policemen, firemen, the EMS, and our military personnel meet together as equals with civilians, regardless of rank or distinction.  We join together in fraternal fellowship to improve ourselves and our communities.

Qualifications for Membership to Meridian Sun

If it is your desire to join, you should know that membership in a Masonic Lodge is open to men who meet a few important qualifications:
• An Ohio resident for at least one (1) year
• A male at least 19 years old
• Has a belief in a Supreme Being
• Lives a good moral and social life
• Does not advocate the overthrow of the government
• Can read and write English
• Is recommended by two members of Meridian Sun

Your Masonic journey starts by downloading a petition, filing it out, and contacting our secretary for information on the next steps.

Information on joining other Ohio Masonic Lodges can be found on the Grand Lodge of Ohio's site.