Meridian Sun Lodge was among the first of the Lodges to be organized in what is now Summit County. At that time the area was Medina County. The Lodge was preceded by Middlebury Lodge No. 34, which was organized in February of 1816 and operated until 1828, and Hudson Lodge No. 68, organized in 1823, existing until 1828.

A charter to operate under dispensation was granted to Meridian Sun Lodge on September 5th 1823. The Charter members were, WM Isaac T. Welton, SW Isaac W. Morgan, JW Abraham Freese, John Smith PM, Adonoram Swift, Treasurer Salmon Oviatt, Jonathan Sheldon, David Green and David Jones. Many of these names are still familiar in the Richfield area.
In the 1820 Richfield Census there were 58 family’s listed and of the original 10 members that met at the first meeting I can find only 3 that lived in Richfield: Isaac Welton, Salmon Oviatt and Nathanial Oviatt. By the 1830 census Richfield had grown to 117 families.

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