WYLLYS WELTON, WM 1829, 1830 & 1831


 Willis (spelling in Census) in the 1860 Summit County, OH Census, was 59 years old born (b. 1801) in Connecticut, he was married with 4 sons, he was listed as a Farmer, living in Hudson and was worth $4,400. 


OFFICERS 1829:  



MWB John Snow:  Grand Master in 1829

On 1 January 1829, the Lodge voted to hire a room to conduct Lodge meetings for 50 cents per evening. 

On 14 May 1829, a member was expelled for Unmasonic Conduct. 

On 11 November 1829, Wyllys Welton was re-elected as Worshipful Master and the installation of officers was conducted on 4 February 1830.






MWB William Fielding:  Grand Master in 1830

On 25 November 1830, Wyllys Welton was again elected Worshipful Master. At this meeting it was voted that any member who does not attend at once a year shall lose his membership. The Installation of Officers took place on 23 December 1830. The next recorded meeting was held on 8 November 1832 when it was moved, seconded and carried that Worshipful Master inform the Grand Master of the situation of the funds of the Lodge and request that our Annual Dues be not executed and in case the Grand Lodge will not hear and accept our request, to return our Charter. (This obviously did not take place as we still have the original charter.)

Due to the Morgan incident and the Anti-Masonic movement in the United States which was started in 1826, the Brethren of Richfield, though no longer a recognized Lodge, met in homes, often in secret until 1846 when Worshipful Brother Wyllys Welton made application to Grand Lodge to resume labor as a regular Lodge. The committee on Charters and Dispensations rejected this application because “That the same can not be granted except upon the petition of eight Master Masons and a deposit of fifty dollars, dispensation fee”.